Superba LDA BE50 Short
Superba LDA BE50 Intermediate
W-Hobby has expanded F1A Superba product line by adding new 2100 model with BE50 airfoil which is specifically designed to fly in windy and narrow thermal conditions. More info   We have also expanded F1A Superba products by adding new, longer 2220 model with BE50 airfoil. More info

Wings LDA BE50 2100 & 2220
F1A Electronic Bunt Fuselage
Wings are now built using state of the art higher tensile TeXtreme woven carbon D-boxes and new stronger Prepreg UOL-300 spars. More info   Fuselage is redesigned from scratch and offer variety of customizable options. More info
F1A Models Box   F1A Superba Electronic LDA Short
W-Hobby is introducing a new product - model box for F1A models. New model box is made of quality materials. More info   Traditional long LDA is extremely difficult to control in mid-day turbulent air an so many still prefer to use conventional models without being able to take advantage of extra launch height that LDA would offer. More info
F1A Superba Electronic LDA   Discontinued item
W-Hobby invites you to join the LDA flyer ranks by introducing a top of the line 2320mm F1A glider with LDA wings capable of launch heights of up to 100m! More info   Timer was designed from scratch taking into account the experience and feedback collected over 12 years of flying electronic Free Flight models. More info
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