New! F1A Electronic Bunt Fuselage with a new design of the front end

   W-Hobby is pleased to announce major upgrades to the Electronic F1A components - starting immediately all F1A models are now equipped with re-latchable servo towhook. This was long overdue, but W-Hobby decided to take time and choose the most reliable and effective system for their models. After multiple trials and considerations it was a towhook designed by Yuri Titov and Robert Lesko.
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Updated! F1A Superba Electronic LDA Short

  It is fair to say that LDA models are pretty much mainstream today. What used to be just a fly-off model now is becoming a regular rounds model and so has to be able to fly in any conditions including low/high wind and high turbulence. Traditional long LDA is extremely difficult to control in mid-day turbulent air an so many still prefer to use conventional models without being able to take advantage of extra launch height that LDA would offer. The new trend however is to build and fly shorter LDA models with hybrid airfoil and now W-Hobby has designed one as well.
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F1A Models Box

   W-Hobby is introducing a new product - model box for F1A models. New model box is made of quality materials- 6mm finger joint plywood sides, 4mm plywood top and bottom panels, plastic internal dividers, all painted white (inside and out) in hard epoxy paint. Box easily fits 5 models and can accommodate wingspan up to 2450 mm, it also features a sliding fuselage tray, separate enclosed compartment for fragile stabilizers, separated corner space for various accessories and even a dedicated slot for towline reel. Reinforced corners and weight of only 6kg (empty) makes it perfect for traveling via airlines, train or car without having to worry about the handling damage.
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F1A Superba Electronic LDA

  LDA is a buzz word in Free flight community these days. Low Drag Airfoil is gaining popularity in F1A and F1B faster than any new development in recent years, the secret of LDA airfoil is clever combination of high launch/climb speed and moderate to low sink characteristics. It is not uncommon to achieve 30-50m of extra bunt height and near ideal gliding performance with an LDA model today. W-Hobby invites you to join the LDA flyer ranks by introducing a top of the line 2320mm F1A glider with LDA wings capable of launch heights of up to 100m!
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F1A Superba Electronic Flapper

  Wings and airfoil are Makarov type built using the latest technology. All carbon parts are manufactured using the highest quality heat-curing epoxy resin for extraordinary strength and dimensional stability. Plastic hinges are used to attach the wing flaps to the main panel and ermain operational even under high load during acceleration. Flapper fuselage is based on standard W-Hobby electronic fuselage with specially designed advanced wing control device.
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F1A Superba Electronic

  New generation of Superba E is here! Utilizing completely new fuselage and new E-Glide Electronic timer new F1A is more feature packed than ever:
- New re-engineered wing and stab construction (much stronger spar/D-box structure)
- New W-Hobby Electronic timer
- New Fuselage hardware
- 3 servos (Stabilizer, Wing, Rudder)
- Rudder is hooked to a servo now and is much more precise and versatile being controlled by up to 21 timer commands instead of 4 positions limited by towhook movement
- Stabilizer is controlled by pull-pull mechanism which ensures precise stab position and zero flex
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FF Electronic Timer JWH-10 „E-Glide"

  New timer was designed from scratch taking into account the experience and feedback collected over 12 years of flying electronic Free Flight models. Designed to replace the first generation W-Hobby timer it has identical footprint and component connectors for easy in-place upgrade without making modifications to the fuselage. In addition to standard FF timer features it has a long list of improvements and extra functions that are unique among competing products.
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