F1A Electronic Bunt Fuselage

  Following release of new version of Electronic timer, W-Hobby have added a new generation glider fuselage to the product line as well. New fuselage utilizes new fuselage pod - lighter and stronger than previous generation, the shape was modified to accommodate more hardware and to allow more effective distribution of nose weight/batteries. Larger access door allows easier and faster replacement/adjustment of all components and batteries right on the flying field.
  W-Hobby is pleased to announce major upgrades to the Electronic F1A components - starting immediately all F1A models are now equipped with re-latchable servo towhook. This was long overdue, but W-Hobby decided to take time and choose the most reliable and effective system for their models. After multiple trials and considerations it was a towhook designed by Yuri Titov and Robert Lesko.
  The main features are:
- W-Hobby Electronic timer (read more about new features of the timer here)
- Towhook latch closes itself smoothly when timer is turned on, no longer you have to pull down on the rigid spring to latch the hook before the flight
- Towhook will relatch itself even after opening if towline is not dropped, that will save the flight during the strong wind gusts or after less than ideal acceleration
- Latch opening tension is field adjustable
- Towhook position within fuselage is also adjustable
- The new towhook is compatible with all W-Hobby E-Glide electronic timers (firmware update required)
- Aluminum / carbon / aluminum tailboom
- 3 servos (Stabilizer, Towhook, Rudder)
- Higher class reliable servos are lighter and have more torque and precision, any servo jitter is eliminated. (Stabilizer -Hitec HS-65HB, Towhook - Dymond D47, Rudder - Dymond D47)
- Rudder is hooked to a servo now and is much more versatile being controlled by up to 21 timer commands instead of 4 positions limited by towhook movement
- Stabilizer is controlled by pull-pull mechanism which ensures precise stab position and zero flex
- DT line is no longer released by servo and does not have to be re-attached between flights, setting up for flight is as easy as turning on one switch and popping stab in place
- All lines are of 0.3mm plastic coated stainless steel braided wire cable

  Optional equipment: Radio DT with tracking possibility, LED stroboscope light.

  Wingjoiner hole is not pre-drilled to accommodate different airfoils and wing constructions (hole can be factory drilled for W-Hobby wings or upon special request).

  NEW! Also available with BlackMagic timer & Wingwiggler.

  Price: 600 EUR
  Price with BlackMagic timer & Wingwiggler: 730 EUR

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