Product Bunt Fuselage Assembly
Code AA22
It is a kit for your new Bunt model’s fuselage - the most difficult part to build. This kit is an example of simple solution for complex problem, therefore it gives you a posibility to build one of the best high-tech F1A Bunt fuselages in just a few hours. You don’t have to turn, machine or even drill much -you get all the parts ready, all you have to do is glue few details and paint your favourite color. You can make this fuselage according to your model’s scheme, so everything will be exactly as you wish including the quality of all machinery. Also you get tailboom, rudder, and all the rear Bunt hardware, even lines are included. Iinstructions come together as always. Parts list.
Price (EUR) 165.00
F1A Bunt Fuselage Assembly
Nr. Part Description Qty. Material
1. Body Pod 1 Carbon+Glass
2. 3 function Timer 1 Steel+ Aluminium
3. Timer Dust Cover 1 Carbon+Glass
4. Towhook 1 Aluminium
5. Towhook Mounting Plate 2 Aluminium
6. Wingwiggler 1 Aluminium
7. Mounting Bolt 6 Steel
8. Wingjoiner’s Bushing 1 Hard wood
9. Wing Fixator 1 Wire
10. Cover Plate 1 Carbon+Glass
11. Spring 1 Steel
12. Stabilizer Line 0.4mm 2m Fishing Line
13. Buntroller Line 0.5mm 1m Fishing Line
14 Rudder Line 1m Wire
15. Line Pin 2 Aluminium
16. Rudder Adjustment Hook 1 Steel
17. Rudder Adjustment Plate 1 Aluminium
18. Buntroller 1 Aluminium
19. V Stabmount 1 Aluminium
20. Tailboom 1 Carbon+Glass
21. Rudder 1 Balsa
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