Product Bunt Fuselage 700 - 730 - 750
Code AF31, AF32, AF33
New F1A fuselage pod was created by combining new age technology and the most advanced materials available today. The whole pod shell is one-piece molded! That means there are no seams, joints and other weak spots or structural inconsistances. It is undoubtfully the strongest yet lightweight fuselage construction available on the market. Outside mold is used to fabricate smooth and even surface that does not require any further preparation or pre-finishing. Fuselage pod can be painted right out of the mold!

One piece design allowed to increase the size of access door without compromising the strength and integrity of the shell. Larger door gives easier access to the timer, towhook and wingwiggler. All these devices are attached to the side of the fuselage pod and can be removed for cleaning, inspection or replacement. Towhook and wingwiggler adjustments are conveniently performed through the access holes on top.

W HOBBY Bunt Fuselage comes 100% ready to fly with tailboom and rudder attached, all rear Bunt hardware set and connected, even lines are adjusted (ready for W HOBBY stabilizer), wingjoiner’s bushing from firm wood is installed in the most common place and fits every composite wing scheme. All that is painted in hard Polurethane paint and polished. Instruction is included. We offer 3 types of fuselage with tail moment of 700, 730 and 750 mm respectively.
Weight, g 135
Price (EUR) 195.00
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